About The Lion


The Lion is a blog that is primarily a forum of learning. Firstly, it started as an endeavor to self-educate myself on the principles and workings of free market economics. Secondly, it is intended to be a resource for learning and a place for discussion of economics and how it affects our daily lives. My desire is to educate people, particularly young people, on┬áthe dynamics, the principles and the truths about free market economics. The tagline of this blog is that “economics is life”. What I mean by this is that our everyday lives are affected by economic decisions that we engage in, often times without even realizing it.

I seek to be non-political because while economics are used by politicians to support their agendas, they often misunderstand and misuse economics theory, and we suffer the consequences. The science of economics is not a political science, but rather a social science that seeks to explain why people make the choices they do, and furthermore attempts to predict future events as related to those choices.

Critical Thinking
I dedicate this blog to applying logic and reason to everyday life decisions using the principles of free market economics. Furthermore, I want to show how using critical thinking to go beyond the headlines or soundbites in the news, will lead to better decisions based on sound economic theory.

I welcome feedback. I hope that this is a worthy learning experience.

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