Notable Quotes: Kel Kelly

Consider this remarkable irony: we citizens put our faith in government—the entity that steals from us, causes wars, imprisons and starves innocent citizens, and is an absolute monopoly—to provide for us and keep us safe. At the same time, we see businesses—which have eradicated diseases and starvation, engaged in peaceful exchanges instead of war, are […]


News Commentary


From Why Devaluing the Yuan Won’t Help China’s Economy

In an article on Daily Mises, Frank Shostak writes about how the recent devaluation of the Chinese Yuan will not help stabilze the Chinese economy. While the devaluation helps the overall GDP, it will eventually lead to higher prices and less imports and results in what he terms as “economic impoverishment”. The scenario of more […]

The Lion Briefs


Briefs: The Economics of Pokemon®

Pokemon® is a game that I know little about. My six year old son, however knows a lot about it and talks frequently about the phenomenon of rare Pokemon® cards. He kept talking about how these rare cards cost a lot of money. I seized the opportunity to teach him his first lesson on economics: […]